"Coldbringer" lyrics



And so it finally comes to this
Everybody looks just like shit
The situation's just a little remiss

Where will the knight be when the light glows low
Electric slows and the sun can't make things grow?
What was he supposed to do?
After all he was the man in blue not you

Bringin' home the goods and takin' his time
James Gordon saw the sun refused to shine
Will he see his Sarah? he yearned
Her apartment is the one that's burned - he runs

The boys gather in the thick of the dump
Weapons ready and adrenalin begins to pump
Time to turn the boys into men
The sons of Batman will ride again tonight

The throng moves man of steel falls
James Gordon finds her in his arms - she bawls
The Gotham jail has gone up for grabs
In Gotham City he's not out of a job tonight

Onto the scene rides the man of old
Nerves of steel bat blood of cold
Bats at the helm again [2x] and he runs

Of course he ends up saving the day
Robin's back and as a girl she's not so gay
Bats at the helm again [2x] and he's

Now he's back
But where's Kent?
Now he's back and it's right
And so it finally comes to this
As we swan dive into the abyss
Is there somethin' is there something we missed

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