"Why Do They Fuck Up My World?" lyrics


"Why Do They Fuck Up My World?"

I see violence all around me, Bloody wars fought all the time, Business, drug lords, Govt. they kill us with their crimes. Taking it all for themselves, leaving nothing left for us. Why do they fuck up my world? Fucking assholes deserve to die, hate them all because they're full of lies. Tell us all that they are right, for our freedom we must fight. Don't believe them, they exploit us all. Patriotism will kill us all. You better act now before it's too late, complacency will seal your fate. 100,000 dead in our latest fascist war, now do you realise what our govt. stands for. Don't just watch it on TV, gou out and protest in the streets. Why do they fuck up my world? Fight...FIGHT BACK!

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