"Gut Wringing Machine" lyrics


"Gut Wringing Machine"

The Gut Wringing Machine
I call it society
It'll take your dreams away
Live a dull drab life
A family, home and wife
What makes them this way?
The Gut Wringing Machine is the belief in God and state and country
The belief you've got to make something of yourself
Or the fear that you're going to go to hell
I don't care if I'm old and still a bum
I know I'll still be having much more fun
As all the people around me go through the wringer
I put up my middle finger!
Don't want no daily grind. I live on what I find
Just want to laze around
My old man thirty years the same job. I'll tell you what he's got
He's dying with regrets
The Gut Wringing Machine has destroyed almost everyone around me
Either they have bought into a game or they slowly went insane
I just keep on traveling down the road. Nothing to prove to no one
Just stay out of my way; just stay out of my way!
They'll never squeeze the life from me
I'll never lose touch of my dreams
I've dropped out of society
I won't be put through the machine

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