"The Perfect Plan" lyrics


"The Perfect Plan"

Everybody get down
This is a stick up
Everybody put your hands up
This will only take a minute
You'll never know who did it
Cause if tonight will be our night
Give us everything you've got
Give us everything we want

Hey, can I borrow your attention
There's a situation
Hey, we agree this is intruding
So get down or we'll start shooting
We'll start shooting

Everybody knows this was the perfect plan
When we take your town you know that we will dance
Can someone get the diamonds
Hurry or your times up

Lady, give me your guns
Make the right decision, Decision

Get it done
Get down
Oh my god, Whats happening
What's happening
We have you hostage
Somebody shoot him shoot him
I'll grab the girl
Where is the exit
How do we get out
How do I get out of this place
I shot the sheriff
I shot the sheriff oh my god

This was the perfect plan
Perfect plan
Yeah, now we have your town
And you know we will stand
Right here

I noticed you were staring
I like that dress you're wearing
Hey, meet me on the dance floor
Meet me on the dance floor
Did you know that we were taking over
Oh yeah

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