"Your Idea Of A Good Time" lyrics


"Your Idea Of A Good Time"

Start from the beginning
and tell me your tale again
how you stand for justice
you stand for rightness
and though we stand tall
we'd all have done the same thing...

And while you spout
you fill this courtroom full of doubt.

Why don't we,
sit around telling stories,
we'll lie to make our lives less boring.
What I know,
Is you could dominate this circle
and we would crown you king till morning!

You think that I'm stupid?
So I'll grin and play pretend.
that you meant no harm then,
that we could all be friends
while you explain away the blade in my back

and I stood up for you
while you made me the fool.

Why don't you step up and say it!
Now that you're no longer silent!
Oh you're the traitor I know this, still I,
expected more! You're a liar!

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