"And Suddenly I'm Somebody" lyrics


"And Suddenly I'm Somebody"

I am the blaze,
I started the fire,
the king versus squire,
and now the courtyard is alive,
only the priest may dare survive.

He'll tell the story,
of sinners and glory,
the better before me,
and oh, the children will all see,
without Pharaoh what would Moses be?

So break me if you can,
You're just a mortal man, of flesh and bone then.

I can't wait, to be there to watch your empire break.
I have faith, just wait you can't fake this kind of strength.

And so I am degrading to ashes,
they'll call me a fascist,
But with every story told,
they will witness the revolt.

You could be my one and only hope,
for redemption, for redemption.

You're like a flip of a coin
caught up in games like a toy,
and I, will burn you reckless..

So this where I press,
my fingers to my chest and I'll express my only goal.
If this is all I've got
Then surely I will not give up for fear of all these wolves.
I've got to hold on...

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