"This Gift Is A Curse" lyrics


"This Gift Is A Curse"

Examine my body for you will see
I'm no different than any man that is living,
but if you examine my heart you'll see I'm not of this earth.
Fated to die from the moment of my birth.

As fresh as the wind that fills my lungs,
generations have come and gone.

But why? If you haven't figured it out by now.
Life makes perfect sense. It's death that we doubt.
The way we doubt our old man time.
A reason to love without a reason nor rhyme.

I give up on giving up on the life that I had.
I find it so tragic to remain so stuck in the past.
Bring me death. Like a new day's first breath,
it's like learning to live without a moment to rest.

This ghost filled house is falling apart,
so I pack up my things as our foundations crumble.

I will come back to seek the things that I need
while we try and find salvation buried within the rubble.

I am expected to perish like everyone else
with loved ones at my side.
Yet I've watched them come and go.
I've watched them live.
I've watched them die.

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