"The Forefront" lyrics


"The Forefront"

Featuring Chris Fronzack of Attila

I look around and see all these things that just can't be right,
yet we turn our heads the other way and push them far out of sight.
Instead of trying and trying to stand up and fight.

We lay our faith on the ground and use weapons to find us new life.
Despite the odds, we still have life.
We still have the strength to stand up and fight.

Hanging on tight or Hanging by a thread.
You won't take us alive.
You'll never take us dead.

Take all the words, the words that you speak
and make it the truth, the truth that you speak.
Look past the fact that we are sheltered, we are weak.
We are the future, the ones who hold the keys
to opening the closed minds to every human being

Now is the time
for us to stand together
We have to stand up for who we are
We must stand up and fight.

"We will prove you wrong
And we will overcome our past and press forward
We are a hopeful generation

We are not destined for failure now
And our hearts were cast from steel and gold

Yet another day ahead of me
and I will never let it get the best of me
This is the path that we have chosen
Time to bring our generation to the forefront"

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