"Ghost Whisperer" lyrics


"Ghost Whisperer"

It's not about living forever,
it's about the legacy you leave behind.

I scream and shout but my words don't hit ears.
I cry and I weep yet my eyes produce no tears.
I fear, this pain will last forever because I've been dead for years.
I've been torn and stripped from my life,
thrown away to a place where nothing feels right.
Tell me do you know, do you know what it's like?
What it's like?

Don't be a ghost whisperer.
Your voice is faded like the dust created when you entered the room.
Your touch is getting old.
Sedated, you're outdated and can't even find your own way home.

You are so frantic to save me but I'm already dead,
you won't forget my face. I'm inside your head.

Make memories while you're alive.
It's the only part of you that will always survive.
I never intended to live forever,
but forever I will leave my legacy behind.
My body was a vessel only meant to live and die.
My love immortal, it will live in your hearts till the end of time.
Till the end of time.

While I am gone, id advise you to remain strong,
to keep holding on, for it won't be long it won't be long.
The day will come where we will be saved,
be set free from our binds and no longer feel pain.
No longer feel the pain.

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