"Dream Beings" lyrics


"Dream Beings"

Awake in my sleep, seeing the same dream I dream week after week.
I close my eyes and take a peek but I still see the dream.
The only story I associate with sleep.

All that were being has come through the essence of dreaming.
As long as were dreaming we'll live forever.
As long as were dreaming well breath.

I believe this all has meaning,
perhaps a message or a sign that I am not seeing.
A being from a dream the same dream
I've been dreaming has told me that "seeing isn't believing,
it's believing you should be seeing.

The scars you bear are just the memories of lessons you've learned.
Determination will always be seen.
Just remember you have the power, all the say in this world.
You will forever be living the dream.
A light, a spark... a reason to believe that you will only succeed.
Just pretend to pretend and believe to believe.
Imagine the possibilities in conceiving the misconceived.

I was once told "remember what you're seeing,
you were placed on your planet to serve a greater meaning"
But we are all dream beings.
Living to be the best we can be
and seeking to achieve the purpose we seek.

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