"DeИile" lyrics



Your insecurities put me though hell and back again.
You thought that you could bury me.
Underneath the guilt that you had.

How could I fail, a fucking failure?
When you've been tainted by deceit and I stand here undeceived.
My hands were always clean, holding tight to a dream.
A coward since your birth, you were born to bow at my feet

Don't mistake my life for the one that you cheat,
this bond is just as weak as the words that you preach.
You're preaching to me just like you know,
how about I take all your words and throw them back down your throat.

Live your life with your god given time.
Just live your own life and get the hell out of mine.

How could I fake in the eyes of a fake?
Letting your voice hit my ears was my biggest mistake.
I'm walking on your pride with every step I take,
I wouldn't follow your lead for a fucking day.

How can I trust you if you cannot trust yourself?
Never mind another story, go tell it to someone else.
Your virtues are fucked.

Sorry for being so "indirect".
I'm just not dumb enough to send you a threat.
I will find you, I will break you.
I will bring this to an end.
I will show you the hard way, how to show some respect.
I guess its easy to lie when you lack a spine.
Name me a saint or build me a shrine
in honor of how I've tried and tried;
but not this time.

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