"Throw The Fence" lyrics


"Throw The Fence"

Guarantee you never saw the people that you hurt.
And every time you told a lie, you'd look into the people's eyes.
Supposedly you said that you were at home every night.
And as soon as I got home you were prepared to start another fight.

Tonight- close your eyes. Say Goodnight
This time it's alright cause I'll be out of sight.

Stop and think what you're doing.
You're fucked out of your mind.
I've taken your shit for so long.
Now I'm running out of time.

There's just one more thing I'd like to say before I go away.
Another one like would have been the worst mistake I've ever made.
Still you want to call me up and tell me "I'm alright".
The guilt trips that you put on me- they will never stand the test of time.

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