"Never Change" lyrics


"Never Change"

I never wanted to be this way.
I never wanted to live like you.
I gotta live my life my way this time.
Gotta get up I gotta move forward.
Living like you I'll only fall backwards.
I think it's time I'm standing up to you.

It's my life- love it or leave it.
You think I'll be the same
You can't change what I believe in
And I'll never change

Shot fired in and out my head.
My brain is burning with your opinions.
You gotta let this go- you gotta give it a break.
I'm moving on whether you believe me.
And when you got nothing left to say to me.
I'll be standing strong- I'll be walking away.

Obstruction is a predicament.
You're feeling empty inside again.
And it's becoming your best friend.

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