"Boston Sucks" lyrics


"Boston Sucks"

Three cheers to the biggest jerk.
Cause being a big asshole is the biggest perk when you're
Strapped for cash, stuck up on the past
Trying to remember all the things that she said.
Looking back yesterday was a haze,
But last night all I remember was your lazy gaze
And you were strapped for cash, stuck up on the past
Remembering all the things that you said...

They say it will be a better weekend.
Not as good as last, but my spirits won't weaken.
Pick up all the pieces as they fall from the sky.
"Oh shit!", you must be thinking of another guy.

That was me after a year or three
Before broken smiles and hot coffee.
The stupid lies destroyed all the good time
And we looked down the barrel at the end of our lives...

Something tells me that you're here today
To tell me that you're gonna go away.
And I'll be alone, alone at last.
Happier than I've ever been in the past.

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