"Accepting Defeat" lyrics


"Accepting Defeat"

I can't believe how much things can change
in just a few dead years.
you dropped your chin, you sunk your head
(you sunk your head)
you gave into all of your fears.
I've never seen such an empty heart,
I've never heard such a hollow voice,
you let your life swallow you whole.
you told me you had no choice.
but you did.
circumstances surround, but just know
you're still not alone.
because even though
you accepted defeat,
you know that's not good enough for me.
If you can't stand on your own two feet,
then I'll be your crutch.
you're not broken.
it's not the end.
don't give in.
we can pass through the gates without looking back.
you're not despised.
you gave up,
but I'm not giving up on you.
no more being pushed around.
you hold your fate, so hold it high.
keep it close, keep that spark in your eye.
the history of your life is yet to be written.
and none of us can see the future,
we can only look within.
Inside our burning hearts,
our tormented souls.
There's still beauty in our defeat,
look up, there is something to see.
the sun wakes up
the dead and alive.
You may have given into defeat,
but you're not defeated.
I can promise you that.

Thanks to jovi for these lyrics

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