"Babylondon" lyrics



i woke up this morning to a double fine day
floated with the breeze along down memory lane
down the streets where i walk i don't pass no remark
avoiding all them people with there meddlesome talk
i climed up on a roof to get a better view
i stayed up there to smoke a spliff or two
the people down below go about there daily routine
they can't see me way up in the atmosphere

this is our time
we're tired of waiting
because it's been too long
tired of working on the future
we should work with what we got

i met her wasting money at the local arcade
she poured some of her vodka in my lemonade
she wash something speacial this i can't deny
she had a healthy figure and a dirty smile
she was decent right and proper
page three stopper
never did i think that i could make her mine
decent right and proper
bond street shopper
never did i think that i could make her mine


no time to worry in a town full of thieves
i keep my money in my sock and my weed in my briefs
no time to worry an a town full of lies
i kepp my ear to the truth and my eye on the spies
don't worry about the rest because it's all about you
we just keep lively inside the venue
we don't bother cuss, bother fuss, bother fight
we just keep dancing till the morning light

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