"Holden" lyrics



Back in New York City, sharing the backseat
It’s been some time since I have seen him
Foggy glass and heavy breathing

I can hear him talking, but he wasn’t saying much
Always has his eyes on me,
He takes me where I wanna be

You looked at me, said ‘drive tomorrow’
Build a house away from anyone
I turned my face away
You’re not right for me

Walking through the subway, staring at my feet
I hear the boy as he is singing
Through the ride, the kids are dreaming

Caught up in the moment,
I can almost feel your touch
We should have known such simple things
The world will turn its back on me

I never felt such hate and love together
Single breath, oh well, just keep on drinking
Can’t believe I said, ‘run away with me’

Back in New York City (Sally, please)
Sharing the backseat (Don’t leave me)
I can hear him talking away (You know we need)
From anyone (A better place to hide)
I turn my face away (Ourselves away)

You lied to me...
You’re not right for me...

You lied to me

Thanks to Bea for these lyrics

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