"Return Of Tha Bomb" lyrics


"Return Of Tha Bomb"

Featuring Spade & Loon

withe poverty at home charity is gone
we're sending money overseas to help the ones we bomb
we got a full file down at the pentagon
you know the CIA they hate us & they want us gone
we're taking a dookie on the white house lawn
we're trying to turn the T.V. Off & the people on
now we're all slaves
tryin to buy ourselves free
that's why everybody's singin about cash money

All around see sin changin' faces
heads catching cases
blocks not with cops
different shots in different places
see traces of body parts
why you wanna start, black?
reactions are fatal
heads rock like cradles
these projects like stables
it's racial genocide
open your eyes the snapshots
the haves & the have-nots
and the gat cops
cause self preservation is the first rule
it's time to take a stand in this cesspool

playaz play the game we keep rollin on
slow down drivin' on empty
with my mind strapped to a bomb
i got a fist of caps
an something to say
standin' on the corners
east of "A"
playaz play the game
while we slow drive the bomb

don't give me that shit about how you're misunderstood
you're just a big bitch from hollywood
passing bums on the street in your designer gaps
the only gap i see is under that designer hat
and the one between the hungry poor & wealthy far
motherfuckers sleepin' in the rain on a concrete mat
i'm not a pimp, i'm just a carpenter by trade
but at night i'm tryin to get hip-hop and punk married

so get up for the freedom fight
we got the world in our hands & our hands at our sides
get up for the freedom fight
we got the world in our hands so let's decide

return tha bomb
revolution, sweaty palms
civilians bearing arms
armageddon is on are you prepared to fight
the fight of your life
in the heat of the night
a thousland sleepless nights
no light in sight
fightin' the power with gun powder in the final hour
there's only room for soldiers for cowards
it's a new wave vietnam
democracy is gone
we've been slaves to long
it's time to return tha bomb

we need to get up & help each other out
cause this shit is getting iller & the leaders are the killers
cause we're sinkin' fast quicker & the poverty gets thicker

drop the bass like a renegade ace
we're bringin rome down on it's fuckin' face
talkin truth could get you killed
but don't place your bet
it's when the people rally
that they really feel the threat

Get up off your ass cause times are movin' fast no day is promised this day might be your last

The Time is now you can't control the crowd the american nightmare is a mushroom cloud

leave your slogans and banner at home
we're gonna take this motherfucker like rome
grab your pitchforks, your gats and come on
were gonna roll on up and slow drive home the bomb...

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