"Pet Monster" lyrics


"Pet Monster"

Man I am so hungry
Can I have some brains?
Dress me up for tea time
But I drum on everything
I hear you coming home from school
So excited you are here
I can be your monster
You can take me anywhere

O My sweet entree
I've gotten free
Knock knock- It's fucking Monster Me!

I'll be your pet monster
Hide under the bed
Invite me to dinner
I'm the living dead

Your troubadour monster
I'll play the keys and growl
I may have web fingers
But when you go by I howl
I'm a lonely monster
No one loves me in this hole
So I'll play my music way too loud
And call it rock and troll

No don't hit me
Monster sit me
I'll be good
I promise you mami

I'll be your pet monster
your hairy butter cup
Your sweet chubocabra
I'm gonna eat you up

Mommy I can speak and spell-

Mmm is for how sweet you smell
O is for Oh my god you're tasty
N I won't leave annnny wastey
Ssso many people to trick
Tame me with your nine tail whip
E is for me, your ezra, see?
and ezmonsters go Rrrr

I'll be your pet monster
You look so delish
Here hold this sprig of parsley
You're my main course dish

And I can be
Your little monster
I can be
Anything you want to
I can be mean
I can be sweet
I can treat you badly
Or rub your feet
And you are a superly delicious pixie-
a monster's treat

I can be your big dumb monster
O I drool like your grandma
I can be endearing
Or crack you up
Burp at the table
To make you laugh

And you'll be my monster too
(I'll be in the basement)

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