"Orphan's Holiday" lyrics


"Orphan's Holiday"

I come from nowhere
Belong to none
No gods and no family tree
I'm the itinerant son
The secret lust of a nun
The black spots on diciety
I'm lost as a babe
And stubborn as a man
So come and save me
Just see if you can
All the earthly desires
Apocalyptic empires-
I'm giving them all to you

With the sun in my face
I'm gonna leave this place
And give the whole town a big “fuck you”
I'm the lost boy son
Or so say everyone
That nobody gets high like you
So here's what I say-
An Orphan's Holiday
We're gonna celebrate
What you've thrown away
Cuz everybody's good at something baby
But nobody's good at me

The wealth of no man
Will pass into my hand
I'll inherit the earth when I die
No cultural myths
But those of the globe
And the song of a pauper's cry
No monuments to erect
No temples to uphold
Cuz family is chosen
Like my father told
And with the sun in The East
Going down on The West-
I'm watchin' it all unfold

Something's wrong with me
I can't seem to sleep
Something's wrong with me
I can't get happy
No one loves me
No one wants me
No one cares

All the angels that ride
With the cowboy's pariah
With god on our money-
He must take our side
We all fall to hell from earthly ungrace
So I'm giving it back to you

Everybody's good at something bebe
And I'm only good at you

Thanks to Andy "Awesome" Sands for these lyrics

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