"Care Of Me" lyrics


"Care Of Me"

I graduated at aim
Though I wouldn't say too soon
I left feeling stupider
For having learned the time

I couldn't believe that grown-ups could
Believe so many lies
Certainly I would not become
Privy to the wise

But now I'm my own anathema
Second with no reprieve
Won't ya fix me please
Off of my disease

And baby please take care of me
I'm a wreck as you can see
I'll be sleeping right here at your door
Till you throw me down the key

Assuagement of my angers
Resentments I protect
Harbor now like vanities
And lovers I reject

Assuagement of my judgements
And feelings I project
Are only things I see in me
I fail to inspect

Lay my head upon your chest
So I may hear your heart
Shut off from a rapacious god
Who's indebted me for thirst

I'm beaten too, I surrendered all
I lose, you always win
Bloody on your stoop
Please let me in

And baby please take care of me
I'm a wreck as you can see
I'll do anything you ask of me
If you just would hold me

Thanks to Andy "Vaginaboob" Sands for these lyrics

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