"Bigger Cages, Longer Chains" lyrics


"Bigger Cages, Longer Chains"

Never forget who wears the crown
Who built these walls and who can burn them down
our blind devotion to a pyramid scheme
Suppresses a battle cry to bite the hand that feeds

We’re destine to live as slaves
When the bigger picture gets lost in the frame
This is the state of our reality
But it only takes one match to burn the effigy

This situation will remain
And you will only have yourselves to blame
When your only demand for a change
Is a bigger cage and a longer chain

Obedience to the status quo
Destroys any whisper to overthrow
We’re Falling victim to our own repression
And parallelizing our species progression

This regime will dig our early grave
Until we learn to break free from these restraints
Were a nation of beggars who sold our freedom to choose
Who’d rather sit back and tolerate this abuse

I won’t settle for nothing
I will demand everything

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