"Reggae Jam" lyrics


"Reggae Jam"

I bear no cross, no flag I trust
No symbols adore, I might crown the doors
No signs of hate, no rule I state
My life I choose what I want to do
Don't need a symbol to achieve my goals
No critics and a false prophet old

Watch your mouth
and no confessions
lord and you're left son
Fuck your rulers of all nations

They're holding up progress
Lord a thing I never ever can confess
All the lies in the names of purity
Lock mouth-instant security
Can't carry your symbols
The ones we live with we all fake
Do unto others as they do for we
I try to lead my life righteously
As I look down the street
and look them youth in them eyes-I can't lie
No youth man- I won't lie

I won't carry your symbols of hate
I can't carry your symbols of hate

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