"Reflective Glass" lyrics


"Reflective Glass"

I've been dying to watch you win
But you treat victory like something else to lose
Your head is filling again
You don't want to pretend that all roads lead to an end

Run, till your body elevates
Fast, now your doubt has joined the race
Time will tell who wins
But will not talk to you
My voice is all I hear
When I'm speaking with the mirror

You've been spinning your wheels again
But tonight's the night that you throw caution to the wind
My head is spinning again
I just want to pretend that I
Have done all that I can

I found myself here with my own thoughts
When the lights just wouldn't turn off
Alone until I stood up
3ft from reflective glass
I'm watching, examining myself
I'm staring, comparing my surface
Its older but still be
The questions keep crowing, I
Silence them all as I stared into my own eyes
(Telling myself that I should
Run, till my body elevates
Fast, now my doubt has joined the race)

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