"On My Own" lyrics


"On My Own"

This is all on me
Cause I keep trying the same old thing
Like there's no consequence
And everyone can see
That I've been doing my best this week
Till I broke down again

Cause you keep running but I'm so tired
Of all the space between
You're upset from all the lies
That got away from me

Since I can't seem to hold up my own heavy heart
Just go on take it with you
I won't get too far
On my own

I haven't heard your voice in weeks
And I keep making excuses now
I'm sure you don't believe
The promise I keep
Are few and far between
(I need your trust again)

I've lost my mind again
Why do I have no control of it?
Dying for oxygen
I can't breathe in my lungs are paper thin
To me you're life support
My northern star that lights my darkest roads
If you leave and we're apart
Just know that I can't make it on my own

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