"One More Night" lyrics


"One More Night"

Somebody come and save me
Somebody come quick
I'm out on this road all alone
Heard your voice in my head
I stumbled and tripped
Then chased it but never came close

Now this road is the place I call home
And the silence won't leave me alone

I didn't want to fight
We took it too far that night
How did we get here?
It didn't end right
Just give me one more night
Just give me one more night

When you're diving into whiskey it's easy to drown
I'll hold my breath till you pull me out
Still the outline of an angel engraved in my bed
Asleep in a heaven of doubt

I left you a mess in that same floral dress
That I bought you in Vegas I couldn't resist
You locked me out and crashed my car
You lied to me the day before I broke the heart that painted me red

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