"Nightfall" lyrics



You call every night, the same time
11:35 I wait by your street sign
Heavy on my mind, an outline
On me in the shape of your lips

And how could I let you
Give me that tattoo?
You know I can't believe it
I can't delete
Now that I'm in your room I have to remind you
That I can keep your secret cause I'm good at keeping secrets

When the night falls you know me so well
I wait for you to sink your teeth in me
The night falls and you drag me through hell
(But somehow you keep me coming back)
Don't want to say you're driving me crazy
But every day I find myself waiting
The night falls you know me so well
The night falls you drag me through hell

You know I'm the type, I wake up
Focus on your eyes to make sure they're still shut
Right at morning light, I'm outside
But I can't get you off of my skin

Somehow you keep me coming back every night
With a smile on my face
But now that you know my name
You'll never forget my name

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