"Bite My Lip" lyrics


"Bite My Lip"

Sleeping over cause I never got sober
Looked the part but inside you were a monster
I can't fight it
You're too enticing
How does a flower leave a bite mark on my shoulder?
I tried to run I tried to turn the motor over
I can't fight it
You're too enticing

Now I don't have much
It's killing me, oh its killing me
It takes a lot
And I'm running out of gasoline
It's eating me alive
Don't want to know what it feels like
When your whole world
Gets taken over

So just bite my lip and walk away
Because I don't mind it anyway
Oh yeah bite my lip and run away
Because I don't mind it

I fell apart in your hands I know you loved it
I've counted 23 breathes because I'm lovesick
I can't hide it
You're too inviting

How can I be sympathetic and just listed to your apology?
When you can be so condescending and I know you're never listening

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