"Autopilot" lyrics



I grip the wheel
But it won't turn for me
And I set the pace
But I lost track of the speed
Now I'm calling for help on every frequency

The Captain fled
If you can hear me please help me out
I'm drifting, away

A distance is growing
And the signals lost it seems
It's too late to go back
On my own now
Carry me.

I need someone to take me over
Someone to come and take control now
And I'll be lost in the sea till I find it
Get my ship to the shore autopilot

As I lose track of the course
I can't help but think
Was this vessel meant to sink?
Now I'm certain that this is an emergency

The compass failed
The lights are out
I can't determine
What's north or south
As I battle the waves

Wave after wave after wave

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