"Don't Hold It Against Me" lyrics


"Don't Hold It Against Me"

My eyes have wandered
I've been gone for so long
You didn't help
Pushed me away
My will is only so strong
I'm so sorry
That it's come down to this
I know I'm wrong
But my choices were thin
Two minus one still equals you
I never had a choice
I had to be her secret toy
Destroy the love we built
You bled me dry
She picked me up
So therefore time stood still
I got a secret it wasn't meant
To hurt you
So don't hold it against me
I got a secret eating me up in time
So don't hold it against me
Confused you must be
I know I am
I lose again
Bruised and dusty
A diamond in the rough
See her eyes fade to black
Tell the truth
Break her the news
She's not the only one
But she already knows
Caught me in the act
Of falling in lust
With someone else but her
I'm so sorry
Kiss kiss Kiss goodbye

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