"Departure" lyrics



One year before the day she swore to me she knew exactly how this would end
You left them once before
And now you've found a reason to finish what you've started

The forfeit of a barren path, this is a death march, an escape from it all
The final defiant act of a broken man
A losing struggle now an absence embraced

Guilt draped like a cross around your neck
Too proud to face the burden you'll become
Words scrawled across a page

Close the door and leave it all behind
A father, a son, you were known by many names
Will they be remembered as your breathing departs?

A funeral call to those who morn this figure withered by the rain
The skies grey, downpour above his plot of freshly carved earth
A fitting epitaph if ever there was

The shot rang out, echoes shattered off the wall
The shot rang out, the shot rang out
Echoes shattered off the wall, the shot rang out

And to this day I still grieve for her
Now haunted forever by that sound

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