"One More Power Chord And The System's Done For" lyrics


"One More Power Chord And The System's Done For"

Well I've been toning up my back for a stint against the wall
Because that's where it's going to be when more towers collapse
Their foundations rumbled by a badly eq-ed bass guitar.
And you've clearly taken a rational,
politically well-informed decision
to never bother tuning up your guitar
to enhance your postcard anarchism.
And maybe if I spit and throw another bottle
at a cartoon cop I haven't tried to understand
then the fag-tax down-trodden masses will rise up
to a Utopia based on free alcohol.
With studded wrist bands and neatly spiked hair
as a battering ram against perspex and oppression
You're a Tommy Hilfiger for the revolution
So who cares about the music if you pull the right styles?
Conservatism with no sense of rhythm
Reactionaries with Discharge LP's.
One more power chord and the system's done for
One more pair of lace-up boots and the system's fucked for sure.
So: say nothing
See nothing
Hear nothing
Do nothing.
It's not a game to all of us.
One more minor seventh and your pipedream is buttfucked and done for.

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