"Bon Apartheid" lyrics


"Bon Apartheid"

Preaching hate and spreading propaganda
Blaming everyone different from you
All your valiant words only go skin deep
Seems like modern needs bear a strange fruit

I refuse to your white race democracy,
I don't want to be like you are
Why do you take pride in your stupidity?
I don't want to be like you

As your waging war against the unknown
And all the things that you don't understand
You fail to see the diversity around you
Your crusade is getting out of hand

Finding scapegoats to blame for your un-nursed needs
I don't want to be like you are
Blinded by white lies, you ignore all complexity
I don't want to be like you

You feed the flames; as you are acting out of fear
You feed the flames; your hatred fire will burn us all

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