"Ghost Stories" lyrics


"Ghost Stories"

I turned around to see the world that I’d burnt down, and tried to salvage something of value. So I dusted off my self esteem, and I tried to get my conscience clean, but you tarnished me when you lit the match that set fire to hope. It took me all this time to see through the smoke, but now I know all the sorry stories you read, that I was made to believe, have held me down here, the best part of a year, beneath the shallow grave of deceit that you made for me. I turned down all insight and made a vow, and sold away my soul in the small print. I gave it up so easily, when I should’ve dragged myself away; you deceived me. You built the mast, but I tied the rope. Now I’ve got to find the words or I’ll start to choke, and you’ll let the world know. I have waited to say it’s over, and I have hated every moment. I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to; I can’t begin to explain what you put me though, but it turned me cold and blue, and left me haunted by you.

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