"All I Know Is My Gut Says "Maybe"" lyrics


"All I Know Is My Gut Says "Maybe""

Loaded and ready to go: your mouth’s a gun, so what are you waiting for? I couldn’t convince you to bring an end to this war. You’ve got your cheap shots locked on target; I know just who you’re aiming for. But if you take this shot you’ve got no defence, and the sky will fall before you kill the suspense when I could spend another six months waiting to see if I’ll escape away, through the darkest of days, to see the sun again. Until then, I’ll stay below, where there’s no beating this. You got me where you wanted: all tangled up in every lie that you sold. I bought them all, and built myself a hell I couldn’t escape from. I’m cutting losses because I’m all out of options now. Fingers have been crossed in hope that your heart stops, because I just spent the last three months waiting for mine to start again. I’ll wade through the darkest of days to see the sun again. Until then I’ll stay below: there’s no beating this. You’re the one to blame for this test of faith. Of all the failure I face, it’s the one thing I would change. Now I take every second I spent waiting as a reason to break away from the despair you create. Ever since you led me in, I’ve been through the darkest days. I’ll see the sun again. Until then, I’ll stay below; but I’m beating this...

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