"Prodigal Sons And Daughters" lyrics


"Prodigal Sons And Daughters"

You saved me a place at your table
My endeavors kept me away too long
The city lights were never able
To take the place of your love

So here I am back at your door
And I can't believe my eyes
All my friends are here just like before
And we're gonna have a good time

We like to dance we like to sing
Oh, Oh
We know how good it's gonna be
Yeah, Yeah
We ain't gotta listen to what anybody says
Cause we like to dance we like to sing
Oh, Oh, Oh

Lonely days turn into lonely nights
And you find yourself looking
For something that's permanent
The world will always promise you a blue sky
And your left thinking how

Could I have lost my way
Oh, Oh but now
The histories all been erased
So come on everybody say

Oh the wait, the wait I can't sit still
To look upon the face of grace and feel
Unending love that will never be taken away

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