"Promising Madelline" lyrics


"Promising Madelline"

I picked up after the second ring
my parents probably never heard a thing
I asked you how your evening went
and let you change the subject
you said he passed out an hour ago
made subtle mention of a bloody nose
then a foreign voice said we weren't alone
and I heard it all when you dropped the phone

it's all happening again
all I want to do is make it end
but you made me swear to you
nobody would ever know the truth

and it seemed on every next day
I could only wipe the tears away
and listen as I held you tight
recount the horrors of the previous night

I could never understand the pain
never understood why you felt ashamed
over things you could never control
the pain in your eyes is all I know

I just wanted to take you away
because I swear there's a better life
swear to you there's a better life

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