"Pointing The Finger" lyrics


"Pointing The Finger"

just like you I'm gonna change the world
like any other angry boy or girl

at the end of the road
and there's no room for regrets
when we all fade away
there's no chance to forget
and I don't wanna piss my life away
lashing out at the world just an angry waste

I can't see or understand your point of view
never stepped in the shit in a pair of your shoes
but I'll complain about all
the things that you have done
and I'll whine when I don't get what I want

but I’ve never been the kid in the shower line
separated from his mother next up to die

so high and mighty every time I speak
give a monkey a platform and he starts to preach
but is pointing my finger my only contribution
because pinning the blame isn't a fuckin' solution

I need to focus on myself instead
because any real change has to start in the head
if you think throwing the brick is going to help
then you'd better be aiming at yourself

cuz we say revolution will work it out
then the first thing you need to burn down is your house

pointing the finger at the man in my shoes

but I’ve never been the one beaten chained and sold
suffocating overcrowded at the bottom of a boat

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