"Pension Watch" lyrics


"Pension Watch"

wide-eyed kid walks through the door
a standard of living to work for
assembly line moves faster than
time would have it indicate
9 to 5 dying on the spot
I wonder if these walls could talk
what they'd have to say about you
and the pink slip you got yesterday

I've seen 'em all grow tired and old
subjugated by circumstances

watched them break their backs in two
at times when they all used to dance
naive ears slowly losing faith
in the face of economic strain
invest their time and sweat and blood all day
with so little to gain

the moment you've punched in you've lost
since the unions acting like your boss
any ideal can be bought
your final refuge is growing cold
he spent 15 years behind a desk
to help the CEO get ahead
but on paper it makes so much sense
for them to let you go

never gonna get a job
you’re hated when you’re on the dole
you can't afford decent shelter
because there's no rent control
6.85 still in the line
barely enough to stay alive
but in the end does that pension watch
make up for your lost time

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