"It's Good To Be Here" lyrics


"It's Good To Be Here"

Two hours late, we rolled in on fumes
A dozen bodies in a boiling room
The only mic stinks of bad breath
Fucked up the first song and ten kids left
And I tried all day to sleep in the back
When I can't there's Virginia Applejack
And a cold can of Milwaukee's Best
It feels like this is all I have left

But it's good to be here even if we're the only ones

Twelve bucks for the six of us
A dozen nights of drinking from dusk
I felt like I'd been laid to waste
Somewhere along the Northumberland Strait
And this'll all be better as a memory
When we've found somewhere safe to sleep
I start to wonder what the fuck I'm doing
Watching all our best-laid plans get ruined

And I don't know when I'm going home
Rest my head on Andy's shoulder
I still feel so alone

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