"How To Debate A Nationalist And Win" lyrics


"How To Debate A Nationalist And Win"

Standing for nothing, frivolous, unconscious
A flag tells you just be the same
Amidst contentment, complacence, a dozen warring nations
And you just add fuel to the flame
Anthems told me what to be, tried to tell me how to see
And still I held their ideals as a curse
While the big-wigs decided we'll all be divided
Opposing factions put cash in the purse

It's so simple to see what's behind the faded glory
Stand on guard for thee and what they'd have me be
Reject what they say, deny what they feel
Stand up and walk past those who'd have you kneel
Reject what they say, deny what they feel
Search with your heart, find what's real

Labelled and jaded, neatly fabricated
With a thick flag blinding your eyes
And the charter in your mouth just spits the anthem out
And we all start believing the lies
The true north strong and free in its archaic vanity
Sets an image for the world well put forth
But when welfare's on the block
And there's munitions in the stock
One wonders what the fuck it's all worth

Are you proud of what your fore fathers did
For god and country everything that they said
Thank god you can say this is where you were born

Are you proud of all the natives who fell
Of all the soldiers forced off into hell
Sent home wrapped in the flag they died for

Tagged, marked, and branded, mentally short-handed
Smile this is the best place on earth
While evil twisted premiers half a century my age
Won't admit to my education's worth
So I'll sit back complacent, silent, and patient
And wonder what the hell is so great
About 60 million hands renovating stolen lands
And a government founded on spite

And you'll be the better for it one day

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