"You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt" lyrics


"You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt"

Sometimes I'm awake thinkin' about fuckin' things up for myself again,
so relax and sit there, my organs know I mean well, even though they're all gone, but they're content.
Drivin' up north headin' towards nothin', just for a fake laugh and a stupid smile.
I never asked to see 'lost' painted on your forehead, looking forward, it's been taunting me for a while.

Sometimes I'm in front of the street noticing my face in the paint.
This is hell, this is far, this is human.
This is something where no one ever gains.

What's there to do, I couldn't even tell you, everything keeps spinning letting me know,
that something doesn't feel right, and it's sitting in my chest feelin' so low.
It's been black outside for days now, I hope the end of the week gets here quick.
So there is nothing left to question, not even the God that I told to quit.

Oh, I'm seein' the drearyness in this.
Oh, I'm believin' now that I can't fix this.

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