"...So They Left Me At A Gas Station" lyrics


"...So They Left Me At A Gas Station"

"Hey" I said in my head, you told me to stop talking.
My words stayed put obediently and subsequently
I'm tracing the lines of my spinelessness tonight.

I go past all of my half-heart starts, words that fell apart.
I get tangled up in loose-leaf thoughts, rewrite them 'til they fall,
And wallow in the thought that I might not ever start.

So have I been forgotten? Oh yeah, I've been forgotten.
I don't see the silver lining, I give up on trying.

From pacing to facing my problems, questions seem to haunt them.
My habits, they persist.
Constant reminders of my purposeless, I'm insignificant.

But I don't remember anymore.

I know all this will come to pass, please god, just make it fast.
I watched the door close as you left and traces filled my head.

So maybe I've got a lot to tell you.
Forgive me, I don't know where to start.

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