"O.K., Mom" lyrics


"O.K., Mom"

Jakes still outside wasted
And I'm still sulking in basements
With all the drawbacks of inquisition but without the benefits
So pass the liquid courage to this solid coward
And I'll forget every word I said to you in under half an hour

(I'll leave your bedpost by the curb)
Cause there are consequences to blacking out every Tuesday night
Those words were all wrong all along as her face screams at me "what gives you the right?"
To reject every prospect (nothing ever blooms without a seed)
I try to break off all ties to delectation before they're broken off from me.

Occupation; I can't face this fucking tiny room
(How many times do I need to leave early?)
But there was a time I thought I knew what is and is not true
(My head is talking to everyone but myself)
Blindly beside me, I feel guilty about this stupid trend
(I'll poke my eyes out with your bedsprings)
But I guess I just want to accept myself again

Cause when all you've ever known
Is the stagnant void that is your comfort zone
You're not equipped to find
Shriveled reminders of the paradise you left behind

Nothings easy
And I am lazy
I can't accept another maybe so I'll continue on alone

I've come full circle almost without hesitation
(but not completely without)
I feel in my bones this shit gnawing at my reputation
(I hate that I do that)
"Just try to feel good about all of this good that you feel."
(you put it to me bluntly)
But I erase the commonplace practices, I'm practically killed.
(my up-bringing brings me down)

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