"Hawaii 5-0 Noseblunt" lyrics


"Hawaii 5-0 Noseblunt"

So get caught
Or quit life
Whatever you want
I got fucked
Too quick
Perfectly too blunt

I know what I need (shiny meds)
All at once, my form of lent
Cure me (I'm cured, I think)
It's too early for disease

And I'm clean, cleaner, but still not a saint
I washed my hands too fast, I plugged my head into an empty glass
But I swear I'm fine, still not a saint, but more or less refined
I washed my hands in brass, I fear I'll drown in a holy bath

Cure me
Deliver me unto a body with less insecurity
But I turned around this time
And I'll leave without regard to me and mine

I came to you when I couldn't shut anything out
I promised myself that I wouldn't melt into the ground
But here I am, in an earthly, woolen bed
Making friends with the far too many thoughts in my head

I swear I'm fine
Oh, god, I hope I'm fine

You're always so welcoming
I'm always too anxious
Too quiet and discreet
I'm perfectly inconspicuous
Can't you tell me
I'm too tired to think
To get the words out of my mouth
Just let them die in their own clout

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