"Green Call Her Sims" lyrics


"Green Call Her Sims"

I see you breathing, and you know I'm leaving,
but there's nothing harder than saying goodbye.
And you won't be speaking, you'll just be leaking
all your hopes and dreams and making me think crazy things.

So drive Seth, dear god, please drive.
(Drive Seth, my god, please drive)
Drive Seth, dear god.
(Drive Seth, my god)

Head for the highway, they say it's my way, but I can't stay,
So I'm telling myself everything will be okay.
(Take back your insecurities because they are boring me.)
I'm not worried, just hurry, because it's never seemed so strange.
(To death, and I am sick of this sincere shit.)

I don't know this place.

We're buried together and staying ahead of the weather.

We are so brittle with bones so fickle.
They lie so steady, and now I'm ready to die, or drive.

Please call someone, we need to find a way home.
I'm soaked and can't recognize this bone.

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