"God Bless Eric Taylor" lyrics


"God Bless Eric Taylor"

We slept in the mouth of old friends,
and I'm happy living like river kids.

We'll be here in our tomby sleep,
going back to the place we left our feet.

Could you get some matches?
I'll probably burn them, because I can't drive,
and I need something to pass the time.

I don't need any more.

I'm waking up all bleary eyed, and I am wondering where I should lie.
Because this couch is making my head feel sore, watching my best friend vomit through the door.
Rinsing his mouth out in the sink telling me this is the last time we drink.
Let's just pass out and forget our bodies could use the rest.

Come with me, I promise the water is fine. I need something else to convince me I won't die.

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