"Deck Wine" lyrics


"Deck Wine"

Today broke my balance worse than before,
my guts are out, they're crawling on the floor.
Give them some help, they're tired and poor.

And I can't break what's more than habit,
But second nature, it's not my outfit, just how I live.

These hospital rooms knew us better than we knew ourselves.
Summer death, some are dead. Watching from the bookshelves.

The town faded when the smoke quit movin'.
Lonely shapes who needed more than big things.
It's autumn now so please forget me.

Let me explode, become minimal and disappear.
it got so pointless looking for family when no one's here.
There's nothing else left to believe,
not even my TV screen.
You caught me alone, with tired homes, and withered.
Neighbors always getting younger,
dying off, waiting for winter.

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