"Chase, I Hardly Know Ya" lyrics


"Chase, I Hardly Know Ya"

I screamed at my skin, "Please stay younger."
Where did the years go when I was feeling stronger?

Right out the window when I was driving your car,
In the rear view I saw my heart.
It spun and landed in the front yard
Of a place I knew before.

Before I knew it, distance crossed my mind.
Divides my spirits, half for faith and half for better times.
So how long is four years? It's an eternity I suppose.
Infinity beckons me to a simple place to hide.

Lay down and cover your eyes so bright from awful morning light.
I'm so scared of death, not fond of life
And facing my fears doesn't feel right so I'll carry on tonight.
Lay down and draw the blinds, the past is always on my mind.

So call me at midnight or call me anytime,
I'm patiently waiting, the past is on my mind.
I memorized the nuances of conversation held that night,
I memorized every detail of your skin, we were spread so thin.

Could've seen you in the basement, could've seen you in the hall.
But it doesn't even matter, cuz it was nothing at all.

I've been thinking what you said is true,
Our lives are reds and greens and shades of blue,
Our colored pasts reveal what is true,
Nothing that I said to you paints a pretty portrait of us two,
We're different shades of blue.

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