"Brains" lyrics



Am I dead, well if I am, how come I am still a kid
Warm with piss, I shouted to sis, "can you make it better with a big kiss"
Maybe it was the start of this month that has me entirely too fucked up
Or maybe I'm just getting too old, trapped in the back with the rest of the world

Maybe I'm just ancient
To my old friends
Or maybe I'm just making things up
But I don't really think I could

So I'll comb my hair, look at you stare as you're ripped apart by a mad bear
I'm not sleeping, I'm not dreaming, so I guess I'm just waiting
For someone to say that it's okay that you had to go away
Cut in two, completely see through, losing control of what's me and you

Just let me slip into the white nice room, that you painted me into
I promise that I won't make any noise or make things worse than they have to

Teach me how to not care about
These tiny feelings that have me up at night for nothing.

Maybe I'm just ancient
To all of my friends
Or maybe I'm just making things up
But I hope that I never could

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